Welcome to my website. I wonder what has called you here...

I look forward to further connecting with you on this path we are on. This site is but a small piece of me and although small I am working hard to make sure it still reflects my life as it comes. 

When buying any of my products you are supporting my passion, my calling to be a medicine woman and you are helping me get these medicines out into our world. I believe I am suppose to share my experiences and teachings the plants have gifted me, my awakenings in my journey to health and in this honor our elders and our children.

My inspiration to make this herbal line is to put something out there that I love, that I use in my home and with my family and share it. I want to help people rebuild a relationship with their bodies, with nature and with health. I want to share with you what i am passing down to my children and what they will pass on to theirs.
The more I work with plants, the more I find that they are my allies. I hope that people who become interested in herbalism become interested in the plants themselves: how they grow out in gardens and in nature.
On a personal level, they have been profoundly transformative on a spiritual level, guiding me through emotional blocks and grow as a person. Since I’ve started using plants, my life has become filled with much depth and purpose. My hope for everyone is that they will come to feel this joy and peace as well.

In my twenties I found myself in intense chronic pain and nothing allopathic doctors offered helped my symptoms or helped me connect to what was going on in my body causing the symptoms in the first place. I felt hopeless and alone, then I found herbs, walked into my first herb shop, made my first teas and tinctures. within a couple of months of working with herbs and an organic no acid diet I was able to live a life without pain. I was able to understand my bodies reaction to different foods and different energy states.
With the magic of herbs, along with trusting that i could listen to my body and know what it needed and what it didn't want- *I had healed my body, I had gained my life back,I am very grateful for that pain now because I truly found my calling for herbs through that experience. 
I believe in our boundless relationship with nature and all of its gifts to us through it's seasons. I am very excited and giddy,thank you guys for your support and interest
Thank you for visiting, if you'd like to connect with me more send me a message, i am here for that.
much love and endless blessings to you